Everything you need for EV charging

Charge at home or at the office with our robust charger designed for Nordic conditions. Utilize low electricity prices and solar production with scheduling and optimization features.

Follow and control charging events with our Charging App, or manage your charger fleet with our management tools.

Energy saving

The power duo for energy awareness & control

Whether you want energy usage & cost information easily in your pocket, or control and insight into optimizations, our app My Comsel evolves with you and your energy needs effortlessly.

Combined with our Oculus RJ Smart Sensor, energy information is easily gathered from your smart meter. Installation is as easy as plugging in your phone charger.

Energy saving

Save costs with energy awareness & optimization

Do you know how much energy you use and when? Improved energy awareness is an easy way to get started with lowering your energy costs.

Start small with our Oculus RJ Smart Sensor and My Comsel app, or expand to fully automated optimization where heating, EV charging and other loads are intellligently optimized for maximum benefit.

Easy oversight of your energy usage, know how you are using energy and when

Heat your home & hot water when the price of electricity is low

Charge your EV when your solar panels are producing energy

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First step towards success with your project

Whether you are interested in solar panels, EV charging, smart metering or larger projects, we offer professional survey services.

The surveys are performed thoroughly on premises. The survey report gives you clear information to help decision-making and excellent prerequisites for getting started with your project.


Smart Metering solution for all types of utilities

We offer a modern full solution for smart metering, used by all types of utilities. Based on extensive experience since the first smart meters emerged.
Easily utilize high quality metering data for billing or more advanced applications, such as distribution network optimization, customer apps or anything in-between.


District Heating

Water Utilities

Distribution and Production