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Finnish District Heating company Närpes Fjärrvärme chooses overall solution from Comsel System

District heating is an environmentally friendly, climate smart and energy efficient way of heating. For producing the heat, fuels such as waste wood and other biofuels are used. In houses with district heating, the heated water comes in well isolated pipes to the heat exchangers in the house, ensuring there’s enough heat for heating and warm water available from the tap. District heating is safe, comfortable and reliable.

The demand of district heating has increased in the Finnish town of Närpes. Thus the need for improved metering data has also increased, in order to plan and optimize an environmentally friendly production and operation of the district heating network. As a result, the district heating company Närpes Fjärrvärme has chosen an overall solution from Comsel System for increasing efficiency and optimizing district heating operations.

The solution chosen by Närpes Fjärrvärme has many benefits. Billing is easier, as well as optimizing the district heating network, operation and production. The district heating customers also gain access to more detailed information about their heating energy usage. With easier access to data, Närpes Fjärrvärme can plan operations and investments in a more efficient way, and as a result save in costs and decrease their environmental impact. In addition, the district heating customers will gain access to more detailed information about ther heating energy usage.

Included in the solution are Comsel IoT-terminals, sensors and Corona Service Hub. The Corona Service Hub validates, analyzes and presents the data. The metering solution from Comsel is meter independent, which means the customer can freely choose between available district heating meters equipped with standardized interfaces, and thus aren’t bound to a specific manufacturer or supplier. A meter independent solution is future-proof and enables the use of different district heating meters.

“With the solution from Comsel we have access to more detailed metering data, which in turn give us an improved basis for planning and investments. The solution also helps us decrease our environmental impact. Cooperation is important for Närpes, and we are sharing the investment costs together with water utility company Närpes Vatten for improved cost efficiency. Furthermore we can now offer our customers completely new modern tools and provide them with detailed energy information via secure web- and mobile-interfaces”, says Edd Grahn, Technical Director, Närpes Town.

“Daily operations at Närpes Fjärrvärme are handled by one full-time and two part-time employees. The small amount of personnel is possible thanks to our modern and automated production facilities. What we have been missing is information from our consumption sites and more real-time data from our distribution network. With the solution from Comsel, we can now get this kind of information and data, in order to further optimize our production in closer harmony with our customers needs. All this will make our operations more environmentally friendly”, says Christoffer Sund, Plant Manager, Närpes Fjärrvärme Ab

“It is fantastic being able to work together with such an innovative and creative town such as Närpes, and with their digitalization ambitions and Smart City-solutions. Here they are implementing what most parties only have visions about right now. It is even unique that there is such a synergy and co-operation between Närpes District Heating and Närpes Vatten (Water). This enables an optimal solution for both while saving in investment costs. At the same time, customer services are developed and improved upon for district heating and water customers, with improved information and new services. We look forward to the development in Närpes with great anticipation”, says Kristian Heimonen, CEO, Comsel System.


Edd Grahn, Technical Director, Närpes town
Tel. +358 500 560 851
Christoffer Sund, Plant Manager, Närpes Fjärrvärme Ab
Tel. +358 50 430 2399
Kristian Heimonen, CEO, Comsel System Ltd
Tel. +358 50 383 0001


Närpes Fjärrvärme Ab was established in 2006, with 93 % of the ownership belonging to the town of Närpes and 7 % to Närko Ab. Närpes Fjärrvärme Ab has built and owns two district heating production facilities. The main facility is located in the industrial area of Finby, the reserve facility is located downtown. The two facilities provide customers with heat energy. Goal of the company is to utilize the main facility as much as possible, as it has a boiler for solid fuels where biofuels are used. The company produces and distributes around 30 000 MWh of heat energy per year.


Comsel System Ltd provides solutions within Smart Metering and improving energy efficiency for electricity-, district heating-, gas- and water utilities. The solutions from Comsel are built on a scalable, secure and open architechture, which means the customers can open up any part component in the value chain for competition. This way the customer can always be ensured to have the most cost-efficient and modern solution in use over time. Solutions from Comsel are beneficiary to all parties in the value chain, and provide customers with completely new opportunities utilizing correct energy information and automating operations. This results in improved energy efficiency, conserving natural resources and saving money in the process.


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