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Water Utility company Närpes Vatten is digitalizing with an overall solution from Comsel System

A typical Finnish person uses on average 57 000 liters of drinking water per year, which equals to 155 liters per person and day. Historically we’ve had water in abundance, and water has been consumed without any further reflection. Groundwater levels getting lower, and periodical water shortages as of late, are setting increased emphasis on the need to optimize water delivery and increase awareness regarding water consumption.

The Finnish water utility company Närpes Vatten is a forerunner in their line of business, as they’ve taken ahold of this and decided to digitalize their water distribution monitoring with a solution from Comsel System. This includes gathering information from water consumption sites, pumpstations and other distribution network equipment, for optimization and detection of eventual disturbances in the water distribution. With the solution, approximately 6 million metering values per day are analyzed and managed by the Comsel Corona Service Hub.

The solution from Comsel is independent of meters-, sensors- and IoT-communication technologies, which means Närpes Vatten can freely choose among available water meters and other sensors equipped with standardized interfaces, and are not vendor locked to a specific supplier or manufacturer. A metering and sensor independent solution is flexible and future proof, enabling the use of a combination of different types of meters and sensors.

“Cooperation, flexibility and security are important criteria for us in the evaluation process. Furthermore, as Närpes Vatten and Närpes Fjärrvärme can share the same technical solution, the cost-efficiency of the solution becomes a deciding factor for us. The solution from Comsel is innovative and fulfills our criteria and ambitions for the future”, says Olav Sjögård, Chairman, town of Närpes.

“We have evaluated different solutions for water metering, and wanted to make a profitable investment. Among the alternatives we made the conclusion that Comsel System’s solution was the best for the entirety. The solution from Comsel is meter independent and uses technology that is guaranteed future-proof. It is a broad solution that suits us and provides us with many new opportunities. The user interfaces are excellent, which means we can offer a wide range of different value adding services for our customers”, says Markus Böling, CEO, Närpes Vatten Ab

“Närpes Vatten and the town of Närpes are pioneers by taking the step in digitalizing their operations, in order to transparently be able to provide their customers with better information. As modern, real-time meter reading, surveillance and analytics of the distribution network are implemented, both the end customer and Närpes Vatten kan optimize their water usage. What Närpes Vatten and Närpes de facto are now implementing is something that most parties are just talking about in their Smart City-visions”, says Kristian Heimonen CEO, Comsel System Ltd

“We are very satisfied that Närpes Vatten has chosen Comsel Systems’s solution. Utilizing modern technology we have shown how easy, secure and cost-efficient it can be to gather, control and optimize real-time data of water usage throughout the whole value chain. Närpes Vatten is truly a forerunner in their line of business seen from a global perspective. It is very inspiring to cooperate with such an innovative town and water utility as Närpes and Närpes Vatten Ab”, concludes Heimonen.


Olav Sjögård, Chairman, Närpes town
Tel. 06-2249111
Markus Böling, CEO, Närpes Vatten Ab
Tel. 06-3475511
Kristian Heimonen, CEO, Comsel System Ltd
Tel. +358 50 383 0001


Närpes Vatten Ab is a municipal water utility company in the Finnish town of Närpes, that provides water to the residents of Närpes. From year 2001, the utility has also taken care of the sewer operations in the town and has since then built and expanded the sewage system to villages, so that the majority of the residents have the opportunity to connect to the municipal sewage system. Närpes benefits of having access to groundwater of very high quality, meaning only minimal processing of the water is needed before it can be pumped out and distributed as drinking water. Närpes Vatten distributes around 1 000 000 m3 (1 billion liters) of water per year in their water distribution network, around 60% of the water is processed in their own water treatment plant in Valsberg and around 40% is bought from Oy Aqua Botnica Ab.


Comsel System Ltd provides solutions within Smart Metering and improving energy efficiency for electricity-, district heating-, gas- and water utilities. The solutions from Comsel are built on a scalable, secure and open architechture, which means the customers can open up any part component in the value chain for competition. This way the customer can always be ensured to have the most cost-efficient and modern solution in use over time. Solutions from Comsel are beneficiary to all parties in the value chain, and provide customers with completely new opportunities utilizing correct energy information and automating operations. This results in improved energy efficiency, conserving natural resources and saving money in the process.


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