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Sinfra and Comsel System sign framework agreement regarding metering services for energy utilities

Signing of the framework agreement. Kristian Heimonen from Comsel System first from right on the bottom row.
Signing of the framework agreement. Kristian Heimonen from Comsel System first from right on the bottom row.

Comsel System Ltd and Sinfra, a national central purchasing body working with sustainable procurement in Sweden, have signed a framework agreement on metering management systems. With the agreement, Sinfra’s members are offered a flexible platform for metering data management and data collection from electricity-, district heat-, water- and gas meters.

“We look forward to a good co-operation with Comsel as a supplier of metering services during the contract period,” said Lars-Eric Larsson, Strategic Purchaser at Sinfra.

“Sinfra is a key partner for Comsel, as we have many shared customers in the energy markets, and the agreement makes it easier for member companies to place call-off orders for related services and products without having to go through time-consuming procurement processes. We look forward to offering Sinfra’s members our metering management system Corona Service Hub, and are happy to help energy companies to make their energy use more effective and optimized,” says Kristian Heimonen, CEO at Comsel System Ltd.


With this framework agreement, members of Sinfra gain access to Corona Service Hub, a scalable metering management system that is developed for future energy use and market requirements. Corona has a number of connections and integrations to different markets and systems, and supports many standardized interfaces and communication protocols. The system comes with a high level of data security, as all services and products from Comsel.

With the agreement, Sinfra’s members easily gain access to flexible management of metering data from electricity-, district heating-, water- and gas meters. The system grants excellent opportunities for member companies to scalably build and create additional energy related services and to utilize the powerful data analysis capabilities with the Business Intelligence -module.


The framework agreement covers the provision of general meter reading management systems and related products and services. The framework agreement is valid for two years, with the option of extension for one + one year.


Sinfra is an economic association owned by its members. The main object of the organisation is to manage the procurement of products and services for the utilities sector. Sinfra’s procurements make life easier for its members. Members don’t have to carry out their own procurements, and they can quickly and simply place call-off orders under existing framework agreements. Sinfra currently has 222 member companies in the utilities sector in Sweden. Sinfra acts as an agent for its procuring entities, i.e. member companies throughout Sweden. For more information about Sinfra, see: https://sinfra.se/english/


Comsel System Ltd offers overall solutions for smart metering and increased energy efficiency to electricity-, heating-, gas- and water supply companies. The Comsel solutions build on a scalable, secure and open architecture that enable customers to open up each component of the value chain for competition. This means customers can always be sure they have the most cost effective and modern solution over time. The Comsel solution favours all actors in the value chain, and offers customers entirely new opportunities to take part of the right information, to automatize operations and thereby become more energy efficient, save natural resources, and as a result, also save money.


Lars-Eric Larsson, Strategic Purchaser, Sinfra
Tel +46 8 525 099 47

Kristian Heimonen, CEO, Comsel System Ltd
Tel +358 50 383 0001