Comsel Oculus

The easiest way to upgrade an existing energy meter to a Next Generation Smart Meter.

What is Oculus?

Comsel Oculus is a communication module for energy meters. It retrieves energy information from them with a standardized infrared connection, and the energy information is then effortlessly made available to the user in a reliable and secure way. With easily accessible energy information the applications are endless - Users can raise their energy efficiency, adjust their consumption based on energy prices or pair it with other devices to create smart solutions and more.

Comsel Oculus

Effortless. Installation and use of Oculus is as easy as placing it on the energy meter’s IR-port.
Versatile. For all types of energy meters: electricity, water, district heating and gas.
Powerful. Oculus is part of the Zodiac family and uses the same scalable and cost-efficient technology. Together with the Comsel Service Hub it makes the energy information available, for almost endless applications towards improved energy awareness and efficiency.

Next Generation Smart Metering with your current energy meter

Comsel Oculus communicates with both electricity, water, heating and gas meters using the standardized IR-interface for meter reading. It is capable of communicating with meters using both IEC 62056-21 and M-Bus over the IR-interface.

Oculus combines state-of-art systems and technology with a robust and highly available platform. It supports online, over-the-air reconfiguration and updates, has an ability to store several million values locally and can be configured to log readings at intervals down to 10 seconds.

In order to enable zero-configuration deployment almost everywhere, Oculus comes equipped with a 3G/GPRS modem, LTE modem or ethernet. In addition to the LTE/3G modem or ethernet, Oculus is capable of using redundant connection paths using the built in WiFi-module. Oculus uses state-of-the-art network security in order to ensure secure delivery of meter values as well as verifiable software updates and configuration changes.

Oculus supports all types of metering registers and can monitor power quality or district heating quality parameters locally for fast actions. Further, it can log changes and notify control systems if abnormal situations appear. The module supports measurements in both import- and export directions and can use multiple configurable tariffs in both directions. With an efficient and configurable alert system the module can quickly detect deviations such as for instance, phase outages, voltage problems from phase dropouts to sags and swells.

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