Comsel Neuron

Evolving connectivity

Evolving interaction

It is not enough for devices to have a working communication link between them. They also need to be able to exchange useful information and interact to form a useful application. Their interactions and behavior has to evolve as well. Many so called smart homes today are being configured once by a technician and then forgotten about. This is about as flexible as a traditional hard wired home.

Simple things like adding a Neuron sensor to your home, logging and displaying data requires no configuration. Applications involving more than one node can form autonomously and evolve by learning from your behavior, others will need to be configured. Our mission is to provide simple enough configuration, based on graphical and intuitive tools, that anyone could be able to connect things together to fit their needs. Controlling heating based on temperature sensors spread across your home and an Internet weather service; turning down the heat, ventilation and lighting as your smart phones leave the house are just a couple of example applications you could build.

Available resources like sensor readings or actuator controls in you Neuron nodes, as well as in any Zodiac devices you may have, are automatically discovered through a standard resource discovery mechanism.

Evolving nodes

The Internet is not finished, nor are our services. New security threats will surface. For a thing to claim to be future proof, it needs to be remotely and automatically updatable, this includes tiny coin cell battery driven Internet connected nodes. The Neuron devices, like their larger cousin Zodiac, support over the air reprogramming.

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