Comsel Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Future-proof smart charging solution made easy

Comsel EV charging is a complete charging solution with low cost of operation. The solution covers everything from the chargers and charging experience to billing and grid management in an integrated package with powerful interfaces.

EU Standardized. Charging with a Type 2 connector and a Mode 3 connection to the vehicle, up to 22 kW of charging power capacity.
Public and semi-public charging. Robust, scalable and stylish design with easy and intuitive interfaces, payment methods and sophisticated suite of operation and management tools.
Complete charging solution. Everything needed to run a high quality charging service is included, easily tailored for your business.
The complete solution for EV charging

EU Standardized Charging

A pleasant and intuitive charging experience for drivers
Eu standardized

The Comsel EV charging station uses the EU standardized (IEC 61851-1) Type 2 connector and supports Mode 3 charging. This enables a safe and controllable charging connection between the station and the car. Our station supports a charging capacity of up to 22 kW which can charge the average car from empty to full in about one and a half hours.

With built-in locks for both ends of the cable, active monitoring and automatic circuit breaking you can rest assured that the charging will go smoothly and safely.

The Charging App

The charging app

Our powerful charging app gives you insight not only into the status of charging but also the health and quality of charging. Through the user-friendly app you can find charging locations, perform authentication and payments, customize charging as well as browse history and account usage.

The easy-to-use app will keep you up-to-date on the charging cycle and notify you if anything happens or when the vehicle is ready to go. The app supports multiple payment systems and can handle custom rates and spot pricing.

Secure access and payments

Payment options

Driver's can arrive at our station for the fiftieth, or first time, and start charging their vehicle with ease. Our Charging Point Access Control works instantly and allows drivers to use a wide variety of payment authorization methods.

Access and payment authorization at the charging station can be handled with RFID-cards, Near Field Communication (NFC), Contactless payment cards and with a QR-code and a mobile device. The payments are handled securely with our end-to-end encrypted communication and state-of-the-art security.

Operations & Management

Easy and cost-efficient operations for the Charging Point Service Provider
The EVCS operations

We know that the operational costs are the largest part of a charging service's total costs. With this in mind we have designed the station to be robust and suitable for all public charging conditions. Our design is combined with a complete suite of tools, state-of-the-art technology and security to keep the operation of your charging service cost-efficient throughout its full life cycle.

With our service hub, we aim to provide the best tools to you and your charging service. We have a complete suite of tools for installation & maintenance, operation & management, payments and smart charging. You will be able to know and manage each station with minimum effort, saving time and money from potentially unnecessary on-site visits or time consuming administrative tasks and be able to provide a better charging service to your customers. Furthermore, the Comsel Service Hub can easily be integrated with your existing business operations and tailored to your needs.

Grid Integration & Smart Metering

Grid friendly operation thanks to integration and interfaces to the rest of the grid
Integration of the charge point into the grid

The right Smart Metering solution is key to an overall successful EV Charging Solution. A large scale e-Mobility rollout is only possible with proper grid integration of the EV charging equipment. Our EVSE's, equipped with Next Generation Smart Metering technology, can be fully integrated with Smart Grids. Built on open standards, utilizing highest availability levels and state-of-the-art security, as it is required in the industry. As road transportation in the world moves towards e-Mobility at an increasing pace, bringing new challenges along the way, you can rest assured our EVSE is ready for them.

Smart Charging & Load Balancing

Smart charging is the only way for a mass-rollout of e-Mobility while ensuring the stability of the electrical grid
Smart Charging

The Comsel charging station is intelligent. Charging can be individually adjusted and balanced per each station, according to your chosen criteria. You can provide smart charging adjusted to be e.g. fast, ecological or cost-efficient, each with custom rates, or let your customers choose what kind of charging they want. Thanks to our smart charging the operation can be truly optimized based on different variables, such as: the hourly electricity spot prices, local electrical network load or energy production. This enables you to optimize your charging infrastructure to match your business model.

Billing & Data Exchange

Comsel Corona

Comsel uses a powerful plug-in billing system to allow you the flexibility needed to integrate EV charging into your business. Payment can be handled directly through Comsel Service Hub, through banking/credit card systems or completely from an external system. The Comsel Service Hub supports user level account balances and rates for advanced prioritizing and reward systems so all your customers can get the service they deserve.

We support multiple power data exchange formats, from a RESTful JSON API to IEC standardized grid exchange formats. Through the data exchange and API:s you can control everything about your infrastructure and billing systems and integrate external control systems for advanced load balancing. Our Service Hub also enables easy to use data export so you can easily get started with integration of your charging infrastructure with the rest of your enterprise systems.

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